Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sunshine's (Everbest's) Soy Based Products?
Our products are made from Canadian non-GMO soy beans without any preservatives which offer high levels of protein. All our products are vegetarian.

What are the benefits of Soya?
Soya is known as the Miracle crop due to its amazing nutritional values.
The benefits of soya include:
~ having up to 35% more nutrition than meat, exceptional zinc content levels and helps to reduce the risk of cancer by lowering LDL or "bad cholesterol" over time.
~ It is very effective in bone formation and allows for better retention of calcium in the body.
~ High antioxidants present in soya help make nails, skin and hair healthier.

Why do our products have been frozen?
By keeping our products frozen, we remove the need to add preservatives and thereby retaining the freshness and nutrition to the finished product as well as a longer shelf life.

Who can consume Soya?
Simple: EVERYONE! Anyone who is seeking a delicious meal and healthy lifestyle can consume our products. Soya is also beneficial for young children as it contains all the essential amino acids that our body requires.

How to cook Soya?
Our products can be cooked just like any of your regular meals. They are great as snacks, in soups or even in your masala dishes with gravy.